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Patient Information

The options for treatment are:


This is a way of joining the practice as an ongoing patient and spreading the cost into monthly instalments. As well as your dental health being looked after by the practice, Denplan covers emergency care nationally and internationally, accident cover and some finance towards hospital care.

We have three Denplan schemes that therefore can suit most needs.

  • Denplan Care - designed to cover all treatment costs excluding laboratory bills. This removes all uncertainty about future treatment costs.
  • Denplan Essentials - a core service covering check ups, x-rays, dressings and biannual cleans. It also offers 20% reduction on ongoing treatment costs such as fillings and crowns.
  • Denplan Children - children can be covered at a reduced rate if a parent is registered on Denplan with us.

As a complimentary gesture the practice sees all children, under the age of 16, of Denplan registered parents for free check ups.

Please go to the fee guide for costs. For further information, please go to

Item of Service

Paying for treatment as your treatment goes along. A price list is available (Word Doc), however every treatment plan is individually assessed by the dentist and appropriate fees allocated. This allows you to tailor your treatment to as much or as little as you want. It gives you the ability to get the care you would like and allows you to consider all options available for modern dentistry today.


If you are experiencing dental pain or having a problem in any way please telephone the practice as soon as possible so we can organise to see you quickly. If you have problems out of normal working hours and you feel you cannot wait until the practice is open again please ring 01325 462361 and listen to our answer machine message. We have a dedicated "in house" emergency service with dentists from our own practice whenever possible. For our Denplan patients the call out is subsidised by Denplan to reduce this fee to £25, and for non Denplan patients the call out fee is £160.

Helpful Tips and Advice

  • My tooth has broken and it is sharp - Clearly you need to see us as soon as possible for a new filling but sometimes covering it with chewing gum can relieve your symptoms - yes its simple but it can help, however remove it if in danger of swallowing.
  • My crown/cap has come off - If it is vital for your appearance and the crown/cap will go back with little pain you can use denture adhesive as a temporary measure to keep it in place. Again arrange to see us as soon as possible. Please do not use superglue.
  • I have continuous pain that throbs - This is likely to be an abscess around the tooth or gum. Take appropriate painkillers following the recommendations on the packet. Hot salt water (tea/coffee temperature) held in the mouth around the area may help. Seek advice as soon as possible.
  • I have fallen over and knocked a tooth out - Seek help and advice immediately. Find the tooth and bring it with you in a container covered by your saliva and blood. This helps keep the tooth alive.

Mouth Cancer


Early detection saves lives, look for:

  • Mouth ulcers that don't heal
  • White or red patches
  • Drinkers, smokers and those who chew tobacco are most at risk

Early detection transforms survival chances to more than 90%. Oral checks are performed on every routine examination visit.

Policies available in the practice patient handbook in reception.

  • GDC 9 Standards of Care
  • Freedom Of Information Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policies
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Duty of Candour Policy
  • Policy for Adults who lack Capacity, and Chaperone Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Consent Policy
  • Practice Information Security Policy
  • Statement of Purpose and CQC information
  • Smoking Policy